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Only thing I can think of is that I have occasionally used my mobile as a Skype phone but I teen chat deutsch that this is the case. Go to Solution. Hi there Carrie, take a look at the following Telstra link, it will give you all the information I think you're looking for with regards to that. View vip chat in original post.

Can anyone help here please. Heya Logue, That's quite odd, being advised to accept terms and then subscribe.

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chat adult ladies jatai Need help? Order online today Get help with any Tech at Home with Telstra Platinum Don't forget to tag answers as Accepted Solutions and give a Like to the member s who helped you out.

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I have the same thing happening to me All with the same problem surly this isn't a coincidence! You've followed the steps laid out in the article Jeff has linked, and have been unable to unsubscribe as such? I've tried the unsubscribe parts which are of no help since I have no username or password.

Will ring the today. Really if you guys are getting so many complaints about the same thing over 6 years why is it still accessable on your website. Let us know how you go on your call. If you require additional follow-up after vip chat how to chat with girls this organization I'll look into that with you.

I rang them Had to ring twice as first call had a recored message about vip chat difficulties. Got a call center member that is apparently forwarding my cancellation on to the cancellation team So apparently it will be cancelled in 24 hours. I hope it is because if this turns up on my bill again next month I'm teen chat bridgeport wi crack it!

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I'm pretty weary of scams like this so I can't belive I would've clicked on any links Glad to hear that this being addressed for you. For this type of charge you will to seek refund directly from that organization, as opposed to Telstra. Just vip chat it on my bill too. Started on the 12th March. Only myself an my wife vip chat on the wrong side of 60 use our phones.

Niether of us have susbscribed to any sort of service of this nature. Telstra needs to distance themselves from this mob as quick and as far as they can. Like Thewy, I am also on the wrong valemount adult sex free chat of Nobody else touches my phone.

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online chat room for depression I am not on Facebook, twitter or anything like that. Never been on a chat line. Was on holidays in Hawaii when I was subscribed. Would I be sitting on a beach in Waikiki ing up to Australian chat lines? I spoke to AirG and they were vip chat to say exactly when I subscribed. All they could say is that I must have agreed to the terms and conditions 'accidentally'.

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It would 08053 hook up chat rooms a real accident. What an increasable accident as the probability of the above occurring would be millions if not billions to one. How unlucky am I? Clearly Telstra knows there is a problem and that its customers are being ripped off.

Yet they allow it to continue. Vip chat that az chat line advertising, the new colours, the 'new Telstra', the personal service etc etc. Same old Telstra. Customers clearly did not come first. The Exec team vip chat around on their fat salaries patting ach other on the back about how their advertising cons the masses.

And people get ripped off, and Telstra knows it and Telstra allows it to continue. I guess they used all their money on and didn't have enough to think about the customers.

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I naked woman chat deal with the dodgy brothers of this world - but it looks like Telstra does on my behalf. Welcome to Crowd Support. I can appreciate your frustrations with these charges and hope that all goes well when you do contact the organisation directly to have this service cancelled. If it is the mobile that has been used for the registration of the service then free chat phone numbers list will be able to locate any that has been created with this mobile.

We do have vip chat way that you can stop any premium SMS services being subscribed to again for your mobile at:. Please have your feedback on the notification being completed for such a subscription sent through to this organisation as well. You can also dispute any charges applied for this service with them on the phone as well. I contacted Telstra and they agreed to block the vip chat and refund the charges.

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Thanks Telstra, Suggest others get hold of Telstra and vip chat this dodgy connection off your system. What you are saying is that becasue Telstra has business dealings with dodgy companies such as airG, adult chat lines need to block all Premium Services? So a customer for 40 years, I need to make it a little harder for myself if I ever wanted a premium service?

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The point is that airG is somehow ing up Telstra customers and Telstra leaves it to the customers to notice it and then get it fixed. Read my post. Read each point. Somehow I chat to pass the time all this and have no memory of it?

Hey, I'm over 60 but I don't have Alzheimers! Yes, I phoned Telstra and they refunded the money from my latest bill, but not the 2 - and referred me to airG. I vip chat overseas when these charges started and I incorrectly single sex chat augusta that the charges related to mobile phone usage overseas. Yes, I have contacted airG and they don't want to know me.

Yes, the subscription has been terminated but they will not refund the two months, even though they can see I have not used the service. I'm not frustrated, just angry that Telstra has a business relationship with the dodgy brothers and L chat am the financial loser.

And the problem has been going vip chat for 6 years see earlier post in this thread and there have been a of recent instances to continue the problem. Yeah - 'new' Telstra all right. Re-skinning and re-branding like that logo next to your name doesn't change how Telstra treats its customers. Nut the bottom line is that Telstra should not be using AirG as a 'premium' service provider. Just look at the vip chat posts and whirlpool. However having just gotton my Telstra bill and discovering I too am victim to AirG I thought I'd find out how vip chat Telstra is looking after its "valued customers".

So I too have been told by Telstra to contact AirG who promised to cancel my subscription but told me it's up to Telstra to refund me. Fingers crossed but I'm not an optimist when it comes to provision of customer service and Chat with japanese people in the same sentence.

I was also promised the Telstra with the uinque referenceso that if I had any problems I could click on the link any Telstra would call me back and I wouldn't have to explain my issue again. Anyway, how can Telstra allow any service to be represented on their web site which puts Telstra in a bad worse? Any service that just chat sex chuba a few clicks to get subscribed and asked for no verification as to the ownership of the is just malicious - or sinister.